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Ricardo is blind due to diabetes and also has kidney failure. When Ricardo and his wife lost their housing, they had to relocate their children and themselves to a motel because the homeless shelters were full. The motel had no kitchenette to prepare food so the family was unable to prepare hot meals for themselves.

When we learned about this family, we knew we had to help. Since Ricardo's family doesn't have access to a refrigerator or oven, we figured out a way to bring them meals every day-as well as plates and silverware. Now, each day Ricardo and his family enjoy healthy, comforting lunches, dinners and snacks. Ricardo's meals are tailored to help him cope with his illnesses. His children, who range in age from 5 to 13, dig into "kid-friendly" foods like our baked chicken and rice. We also deliver breakfast for the kids so they don't go to school hungry