Financial Information, Fiscal Year 2016

Through the leadership of our Board of Directors, Community Servings has continued to have strong financial results and a clear audit. Our funding sources are diverse and our general and administrative expense ratio is below the national average of 25%. 

Click here to download Community Servings' Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2016
Click here to download Community Servings' 990 for Fiscal Year 2016


                                  Operating Income Statement
                                          Fiscal Year 2016
Grants and Contributions 2,114,170
Government Contracts 1,673,257
Events 1,388,610
Program Income 895,843
Donated Goods and Services 105,918
Total Revenue 6,177,798
Nutrition 4,175,624
Training   213,085
Total Program Services 4,388,709
General and Administratrive 577,924
Development and Communications 796,462
Total Supporting Expenses 1,374,386
Total Operating Expenses 5.763,095
Change in Net Asset from Operations 414,703