Packaging Kitchen Manager



Primary Responsibilities:

Responsible for providing leadership and management of the Kitchen’s packaging operations which is staffed largely by volunteers. Responsibilities include but are not limited to creating a daily work plan to accomplish the meal packaging goals of the day and delegating assignments to the packaging kitchen staff and volunteers. The Volunteer Kitchen Manager is also responsible for providing excellent customer service to volunteers, ensuring food safety and sanitation policies are followed and managing the storage, utilization and ordering of packaging materials inventory.


  • Set a tone of warmth, welcome and an energetic work flow in the packaging kitchen.
  • Lead by example and demonstrate Community Servings’ commitment to making clients’ safety, nutritional needs and overall well-being our first priority.
  • Identify and nurture leadership abilities in staff and volunteers.
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Chef and Manager of Volunteer Services to manage a system of ongoing appreciation and recognition for staff and volunteers


  • Provide day to day leadership and management of packaging operations staff.
  • Establish team goals that support the Kitchen’s strategic and operational priorities.
  • Manage the staffing schedule to ensure appropriate resources are in place to meet workload.
  • Conduct training and provide ongoing coaching of staff and volunteers in the packaging kitchen.
  • Conduct annual staff performance reviews.

Daily Operations Planning

  • Meet with Executive Chef, Chef Manager, and Volunteer Services Manager each day to clarify meal packaging tasks of day.
  • Establish a daily work plan to be facilitated by the packing operations staff and volunteers. The daily work plan will prioritize tasks and order them an efficient manner to ensure that production time is minimized and that human capital is used effectively. The Volunteer Kitchen Manager provide a clear work plan to be facilitated during the afternoon and evening shifts.
  • Delegate tasks to staff and volunteers.
  • Serve as a primary contact with Delivery team on the status of packaged meals.
  • Communicate progress and updates to Chefs, Kitchen, Delivery and Volunteer Team throughout the day to ensure smooth and efficient continuation of work flow.
  • Establish and communicate appropriate volunteer recruitment goals to the Volunteer Services Manager for the production and packaging operations.


  • Host a daily “stand up” meeting at the beginning of each shift with all production operations staff to outline the packaging tasks of the day.
  • Host a brief “work plan introduction” to each new group of volunteers as each shift begins.
  • Provide an overview of all tasks to be accomplished on the shift and provide an orientation to the various workstations.
  • Maintain effective communication among volunteers, staff and clients.
  • Answer questions or any issues or concerns that arise related to packaging operations.
  • Serve as backup to Volunteer Team and provide group orientation if needed

Quality Control

  • Spot check packaging of bags throughout shift to ensure bags are packaged are compliance with meal requirements.
  • Partner with Nutrition team regularly to implement other quality control measures.
  • Continually evaluate food appearance, portioning, plating to ensure that we meet consistent and quality standards.

Safety & Sanitation

  • Support the cleaning and sanitization needs of the packaging kitchen by delegating tasks throughout the shift to staff and volunteers to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is maintained throughout the day.
  • Ensure that staff and volunteers are trained in proper cleaning of the Volunteer Kitchen.
  • Lead by example and ensure that all food safety and sanitation protocols are followed i.e. changing gloves appropriately, maintaining safe food temps, etc.
  • Train volunteers on proper sanitation protocols during food handling and packaging tasks and reinforce these protocols to staff as needed.


  • Participate in weekly supervision.
  • Participate in weekly Operations meeting.
  • Serve on the Nutrition Taskforce and other Taskforces as appropriate.
  • Take part in informal daily “check-ins” with the Executive Chef and Chef Manager.
  • Attend daily Kitchen team meetings.


  • Generate written work plans for the Volunteer Kitchen staff on a daily basis.
  • Generate written communication to staff and volunteers as appropriate.
  • Support the Kitchen’s inventory control processes i.e. supplies ordering, storage.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the experience, knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • A passion for working with people and food
  • A disposition that is hospitable, friendly, calm and patient with others
  • A desire to coach, train and facilitate learning by others
  • Comfort with giving direction to others and holding people accountable
  • An ability to develop and facilitate effective and efficient processes
  • An ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals
  • An ability to breakdown complex tasks into manageable steps
  • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently
  • A desire to go the extra mile for excellence
  • Excellent computer skills and adept with Microsoft Office
  • Administrative support experience
  • Able to pass a Criminal Offender Records Inquiry (CORI) Background Check
  • Bi-lingual speaking ability (e.g. Spanish) is a plus.

At least 3 years’ experience in operations management in a food service environment or a Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of experience in people-management role. Restaurant or related kitchen experience preferred.

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