To Treat Chronic Ailments, Fix Diet First

For many patients, the right food may be the best medicine. On the kitchen counter in her Leimert Park apartment in Los Angeles, Diane Henry lays out her meals for the week. They’re frozen, in equal-size containers: Florentine tart, noodles with carrots, oven-fried chicken with brown rice and carrots, and Moroccan chicken.

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Celebrating the Many Powers of Food

March 4, 2016

We believe in the astonishing power of food.

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Teaching Kitchen Graduate on Path to Success

January 4, 2016

Robert is a recent Teaching Kitchen graduate who was referred to the job training program by an ATR recovery center counselor. He is in his mid-50s and has been incarcerated for 17 of the last 20 years.

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Meet our New Board Members!

September 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce newly appointed leadership of the Community Servings Board of Directors. They are wonderful additions to our organization and we feel privileged to have their incredible support of our mission to provide food and nutrition services to the critically ill.

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