Fill a Client's Pantry for a Week.

Send a "Blizzard Box" of Dietitian-Approved, Shelf-Stable Food Today!

With the onset of winter and the frightening second wave of COVID-19, the coming weeks and months look troubling for many.

Right now, we need your support to bring thousands of Blizzard Boxes, a week’s worth of dietitian-approved shelf-stable foods and pantry staples, to our critically ill clients and their families across the Commonwealth.

Once delivered, our clients will keep this food on hand and use it in the event of a COVID-19 or weather-related disruption to their weekly meal delivery. With 92% of our clients living in poverty, the individuals and families we serve have little or no emergency food supplies in their kitchens.

  • $30 sends a Blizzard Box to a hungry neighbor.
  • $60 sends a Blizzard Box to a hungry neighbor and their caretaker.
  • $120 sends a Blizzard Box to a family of four.

Please give as generously as you can.

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