The Chef's Table

Community Servings' leadership giving program -- is essential to our ability to deliver meals to those homebound with critical illness.

Leadership Giving

As a member of The Chef’s Table, you provide the vision and resources to help realize our mission. Your membership ensures that we have the means to stock our pantries with the freshest foods available, fire up our ovens, and fuel our delivery vans.

Membership honors supporters who make gifts of $1,200 or more each year, which can be paid in several ways.

Please consider making a personal — and powerful — statement in the fight against hunger and illness here in Massachusetts.

To learn more, contact Tim Leahy, Chief Development Officer at  or 617.522.7777.

Our 2021 Donors

Iron Chef

Mimi Jigarjian
Brian and Marie Rothwell
Three Anonymous Donors

Master Chef

Robert Pemberton
Seth and Beth Klarman
Brian and Missy Lagarto
Diane Leclair and Melissa Baughman
Josh and Jessica Lutzker
Neil and Jane Pappalardo
Charles Roussel
Kirk and Nancy Smith
Peter and Ellen Zane
One Anonymous Donor

Executive Chef

Scott and Laurie Haig
Terese and Daniel Heintzelman
Matthew and Lesley McCaffrey
Jeffrey Naylor and Shawn Baker
Tristram Oakley and Rob Stringer
Jeanne Smith

Chef de Cuisine

Lawrence and Adele Fleet Bacow
Bria and Eric Ballhaussen
Grace Berestecki
Helen and Joe Bouscaren
Karl and Chris Fritton
Dave Hamilton
Charlotte Hemr
Anna and Peter Kolchinsky
Mary Lapointe and Jim Mattimore
Patricia McGrath
Meredith McRae
James and Barbara O’Brien
Maggie Schmidt and Kenneth Danila
James Sloman and Nora Devlin
Edwin Taff
Four Anonymous Donors

Sous Chef

Stephen Bertolami and Lee Rich
Gordon Bither
Elaine Bonoma
Karen Bressler and Scott Epstein
Andrew Colameta
Barbara  and Jim Conen
Pamela Cooke
Ellen and Michael Davin
Michele Demarest and John Patterson
Priscilla Doulton
Becky and Bruce Epstein
Bradley Feld and Amy Batchelor
Marni Grossman
Peter and Leslie Hadden
Paul Hempel and Bruce Newman
Mary Higgins
Sarah Hodges and Dave Balter
Rhoda and Mort Kaufman
Colin Kingsbury
Andrew and Suzanne Kleeman
Tracy Lampula and Lex Marburger
Claire Levesque
Stephanie Lovell and Janice Ericson
Andrew Marquis
Sian McAlpin
William M. McDermott III and Paul B. Reinert
Laura McGonagle
Colleen McKiernan
Jeff Meaney
Judy Meelia
Paul Noonan
Oedipus and Amy Hyson
Annalisa O’Neill
Robert and Pat O’Neill
Stephen and Jeryl Oristaglio
Bernard and Suzanne Pucker
Gilles Quintal
Roger and Hannelore Reiser

Sous Chef Continued 

Sara Rosenfeld and Manuel Bonifacio
Gwen Ruta
Malisa and Andrew Schuyler
Fredi and Jack Shonkoff
Robert Sprague
John Tyler
Neda and Stephen Vander Stoep
Jack Vanwoerkom and Barbara Moore
Katrina Velder
Seven Anonymous Donors

Chef de Partie

Ferit Albukrek and David Thornton
Harry Altshuler
Gaille Anderson
Corby Kummer and John Auerbach
Joshua Benet
Christine Bolzan
Valerie and Paul Bruning
Carolyn Carlson
Mike and Joan Carragher
Judith Caruso
Lisa Corrin
Aretha Delight Davis
Laura and Paul Dillon
Beverly Edgehill and Bob Awkward
Daniel Eiref
Linda Elliott Scovel
Steven and Laurie Fishman
Edward Gelles
Maureen Goggin
Tara Greco
Vivian Greenblatt
Palmer Hale
John Hall
Heidi and Kurt Hardin
David Harrington
Rick and Katie Harrington
Frederick and Deborah Hatch
Neil Higgins and Nathalie Hibble
Richard Howlett
Christian Jones
Nancy Karp
Nancy and Jon Kerbs
Amy Kiley and Chris Anderson
Michela Larson and Ed Marino
Jake and Pamela Layton
Thomas Lehrer
Rebecca and Rob Lekowski
Jolie and Alphonse Lucibello
Tara and Jeff Lyons
Lucy Mack
Sally Mazur
Wayne McAuliffe and David Nowell
Jim McCann and Jim Canales
Jeanne McCann
James McGrath and Ann Chiacchieri
Richard Miller
Elizabeth Morgan
Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang
Sara O’Brien and Russell Cox
Suzanne and Andrew Offit
Geraldine Pangaro and Jason Howard
Francis and Nancy Passavant
Susan Patkin
Amos and Tami Pike
Joe Realmuto and Paul Korenburg
Kimberly Richard-O’Brien
Aliza Samuels
Robert and Katherine Schneider
Rudolf and Sonja Selami
Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton
Christopher Smith and Lisa Quintiliani
Sandra Smith
Joseph Snodgrass and Sally Naish
Elizabeth Sorgi
Laurie Swett
Maryann Thompson
Karen Tucker and Dr. Jerry Avorn
Carol Vasil
Doreen and D. Peter Vigue
Bill and Cathy Waters
Patrick and Michelle Wilson
Ten Anonymous Donors

Donors Continued

Commis Chef

Irfan Alibhai
Jo-Ann Altmark
Katharine Arnstein
Tamara Baer
Patricia Baker
Michael and Meaghan Barry
Richard Beaty
Gwenyth Beaven
Kara Becker
Michael Bessette
Mark and Sandra Beyerly
Moe Blaustein and Julie Somers
Elizabeth Bliss
Rachel Brock
Lawrence and Myra Brodney
Tessa Browne
James Buggie and Mary Murphy
Jim Burton
Charlie Cain
Gary Sherr and Andre Campagna
Suzanne Chapman
Gerald Cianciolo and Kathleen Brennan
Jeffrey Conrad
Alicia Cooney and Stephen Quigley
Cheryl Cotney
Jason Couto
Martha Crowley
Mary E Darmstaetter
Mary-Catherine Deibel and Reid Fleming
Mary Susan DeLaura
Andrew and Rebecca Diamondstein
Lisa Drapkin and Debbie Lewis
Nancy Droge Monbouquette
Tiffany and Francis Duda
Michael Eckton
Stanley Elfbaum
Karen Ellis
Brenda Ellsworth
Geralyn Falco
Barak Feldman and Jennifer Eberle-Feldman
Martin and Barbara Feldzon
Anthony Fierro
Arlene Fortunato and Darcy Pfeifer
Daphne Foster
Morgan Franklin
Timothy and Robin Galvin
Dave and Karen Gemmett
Steve Gisselbrecht
Annette Given
Susan Goldhor
Elizabeth Gooding and Kevin Pekar
Jeanie and Adam Gorlovsky-Schepp
Marisa Wolsky and Benjamin Gunther
Frederic and Lena Halstrom
Karen Hanson
Ashley Hedberg
Katherine Hopper
Peter Hornstra
Carm and David Huntress
Helen Hutchinson
Thea James and Irene Monroe
Deborah Joelson and David Neal
Maurice Joffe
David Jones
Lynn  and William Kargman
John Michael Kennedy and Alan Ripp

Juliette Kowalchick
Michael Lally
Kim Lamoureux
James Larson
Tim Leahy
Patricia Leighfield
Joseph and Karen Levy
Mark Lippolt and Scott MacDonald
Cara Lown
Jeffrey Martin
Andrew Marx
Stephen Mastrorilli
Nicole Mccay
Kevin McGillivray
Sarah McKeever
Elizabeth Merica
Sherrie Mersdorf
Marilyn Miller
Lillian Montalto
Barbara Moore and Gail Otis
Ilona Moreland
Ali Niakosari
Lisa O’Hearn
David Oswald
Wendy Paramore
David  and Susan Pettit
Elizabeth Rickerson
Rebecca Ridley
Paul Roose and Anne Lawrence
Oliver Rosen
Sharryn Ross and Jon Truslow
Sara Rubin and David Montanari
RoseMarie Sansone
Susie Sargent and David Taylor
Jeffrey Schmitt and Michael Petrilli
Frederica See
Maria Sena
Okita Sevi
Jason Sevinor
Elizabeth Shaw
Ty Shen
Millie Shultz
Elizabeth Silvestri
Nina Simonds and Don Rose
Jason Smith
Marybeth Smith
Nancy Smith
Rachael Solem and Barry Herring
Maura and David Spellman
Jenepher Spencer
Carolyn Sygiel
Katy Tassmer
Richard and Alix Taylor
Jean Terranova and Stewart McIntire
Wayne Terrio
Donna Tocci
Phil Tocci
Anne Tribush
Jay Tuli
Kenneth Tutunjian
Steve Vinter
Susan Walter
Evelyne Watlington
Steve Whalen
Caroline Wishart
Ryan Wittig
Yvonne Wolf
Lai Ching Yee
John and Abby Yozell
Michael Zuckerman
Six Anonymous Donors

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