The Chef's Table

Community Servings' leadership giving program -- is essential to our ability to deliver meals to those homebound with critical illness.

Leadership Giving

As a member of The Chef’s Table, you provide the vision and resources to help realize our mission. Your membership ensures that we have the means to stock our pantries with the freshest foods available, fire up our ovens, and fuel our delivery vans.

Membership honors supporters who make gifts of $1,200 or more each year, which can be paid in several ways.

Please consider making a personal — and powerful — statement in the fight against hunger and illness here in Massachusetts.

To learn more, contact Luis Fortes, Major Gifts Officer at  or 617.522.7777.

Our 2022 Donors

Iron Chef  ($50,000+)

Mimi Jigarjian
Peter and Ellen Zane
Six Anonymous Donors

Master Chef ($25,000+)

Jon and Rachel Drew
Brian and Missy Lagarto
Diane Leclair and Melissa Baughman
Mary Loeffelholz and Laura Green
Josh and Jessica Lutzker
Mehrdad and Merilee Noorani
Neil and Jane Pappalardo
George and Marina Reiser
Charles Roussel
J. Kirk and Nancy Smith

Executive Chef  ($15,000+)

Stephen Bertolami and Lee Rich
Terese and Daniel Heintzelman
Matthew and Lesley McCaffrey
Pamela Murphy and Richard D’Avino
Robert Pemberton
Sarah Sharpe and John Powley
Jeanne Smith
One Anonymous Donor

Chef de Cuisine  ($10,000+)

Mark Bamforth
Gordon Bither
Helen and Joe Bouscaren
Robert and Alice Butler
Sean and Jennifer Gavin
Peter and Kerstin Glick
Josie Greene
Lauren Guley
Scott and Laurie Haig
Dave Hamilton
Paul Hempel and Bruce Newman
Charlotte Hemr
Barbara Jordan
Anna and Peter Kolchinsky
Mary Lapointe and Jim Mattimore
Stephanie Lovell and Janice Ericson
Meredith McRae
Judy Meelia
Gilles Quintal
Maggie Schmidt and Kenneth Danila
Nora Devlin and James Sloman
Laurie Swett
Edwin Taff
Sonia Turek
Two Anonymous Donors

Sous Chef  ($5,000+)

Brian and Alannah Alexander
Kara Becker
Cheryl and Joseph Bierwirth
Andrea Blodgett
Elaine Bonoma
Cathy and Jack Brennan
Carolyn Carlson
Barbara and Jim Conen
Mary E Darmstaetter
Ellen and Michael Davin
Michele Demarest and John Patterson
Priscilla Doulton
Bonnie Duncan and Dan Milstein
Becky and Bruce Epstein
Dave and Dominique Farwell
Marni Grossman
David and Tori Harrington
Nancy and Jon Kerbs
Andrew and Suzanne Kleeman
Tracy Lampula and Lex Marburger
Melanie Lowe and John Young
Todd Marshman
Jeanne McCann
Gabrielle and Donald McCree
William M. McDermott III and Paul B. Reinert
Laura McGonagle
Patricia McGrath
Sharon and Brian McNally
Jeff Meaney
Diane Moes
Timothy and Deborah Moore
Lawrence Moulter and Pamela Frechette
Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers
Paul Noonan
Tristram Oakley and Rob Stringer
Annalisa O’Neill

Sous Chef Continued  ($5,000+)

James Ottaway
Joseph Philipose
Sara Rosenfeld and Manuel Bonifacio
Steven Roth
Gwen Ruta
Malisa and Andrew Schuyler
Margaret Seif and William Land
Robert Sprague
Jean Tempel
David Tyrie
Jack Vanwoerkom and Barbara Moore
Carol Vasil
Patricia Walsh
Janet Washington
Richard Wood and Deborah Garnick
Four Anonymous Donors

Chef de Partie  ($2,500+) 

Gaille Anderson
Michael Ansara and Barbara Arnold
Richard Beaty and Heather Amsden
Christine Bolzan
Holly Bonomo
Hope Ann Brochin and Joe Horvath
Valerie and Paul Bruning
James Buggie and Mary Murphy
Lyzzette Bullock and Elizabeth Cook
Mike and Joan Carragher
Judith Caruso
Cheryl Chapman and Scott Bradner
Chris and Kristen Comeaux
Lisa Corrin
Anne Covert
Aretha Delight Davis and Angelo Volandes
Michael Dow
Dr. Beverly Edgehill
Luise Erdmann
Penny Garver
Edward Gelles
John Hall
Heidi and Kurt Hardin
Nancy Hausman
Ashley Hedberg
Neil Higgins and Nathalie Hibble
Nancy Karp
Daniel Kelly
Matthew and Jordana Kershner
Amy Kiley and Chris Anderson
Michela Larson and Ed Marino
James Larson
Tim Leahy
Thomas Lehrer
Rebecca and Rob Lekowski
William and Anastasia Lyman
Lucy Mack
Doug and Julie Macrae
Stephen Mastrorilli
Catherine Matthews
Sally Mazur
Sian McAlpin
Wayne McAuliffe and David Nowell
Jim McCann and Jim Canales
Michelle McDonough
Sara O’Brien and Russell Cox
James and Barbara O’Brien
Oedipus and Amy Hyson
Suzanne and Andrew Offit
Richard Olson and Richard Smith
Geraldine Pangaro and Jason Howard
Francis and Nancy Passavant
Susan Patkin
Amos and Tami Pike
Joe Realmuto and Paul Korenburg
Peggy and Stephen Reilly
Janice Rose
Robert and Katherine Schneider
Ellen Semonoff
Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton
Karen Sheffler
Anne and Laurence Sperry
Charles Steenburg
Kate and Benjamin Taylor
Meredith Thayer
John Tyler
Neda and Stephen Vander Stoep
Lisa and Bill Vanderweil
Bill and Cathy Waters
Greg and Romina Wilmot
Paul Zintl and Elisabeth Frost
Five Anonymous Donors

Donors Continued

Commis Chef  ($1,200+)

Joseph and Kelly Aceto
Craig Albano
Eleanor Andrews
John and Jane Attanucci
Susan and Dennis Ausiello
Alan Balsam and Christine Johnsen
Karin Beckstrom
Thomas Beecher
Mark and Sandra Beyerly
Moe Blaustein and Julie Somers
Jill Block and Wade Rubinstein
Jim Burton
Jonathan Butler
Thomas Byrne
Gary Sherr and Andre Campagna
Daniel Cappucci
Judy Coates
Barbara Moran and Brian Collins
Jeffrey Conrad
Eugene Cox
John and Holly Cratsley
Dorothy Crawford and Ross Hoffman
Martha Crowley
Susan Crusoe
Mary Curtis
Mary-Catherine Deibel and Reid Fleming
Mary Susan DeLaura
Diane Dicarlo and Jeanne Leszcynski
John Donahue
Lisa Drapkin and Debbie Lewis
Tiffany and Francis Duda
Daniel Eiref
Brenda Ellsworth
Geralyn Falco
Martin and Barbara Feldzon
Steven and Laurie Fishman
Kevin and Mark Fitzforry
Lori Flannery
Karl and Chris Fritton
Timothy and Robin Galvin
Mark Gannon
Dave and Karen Gemmett
Thomas Geraty and Stuart Walker
John and Kathleen Gillespie
Michael and Antoinette Gilligan
Meg Gilsten Hale
Anne Giovanoni
Steve Gisselbrecht
Morris Gould
Marisa Wolsky and Benjamin Gunther
Frederic and Lena Halstrom
Elizabeth Harris
Frederick and Deborah Hatch
Thomas Hecht and Susan Korrck
Frank Hill
Katherine Hopper
Peter Hornstra
Anthony Hubbard
Helen Hutchinson
Maurice Joffe
Christian Jones
Lorraine Jones
Irma Kahle
Koby Kempel
Alyse and Daniel Kemple
Edgar Knudson and Louis Mula
Patricia Kreger and Larry Cohan
Allison Kreuzer
Kim Lamoureux
Daniel Lasko

Patricia Leighfield
Claire Levesque
Joseph and Karen Levy
Mark Lippolt and Scott MacDonald
James Becker and Aber Lynch
John Magruder
Ronald Martin
Andrew Marx
George Meegan
Nick Mercadante, MD and Alexandra B.
Sherrie Mersdorf
Marilyn Miller
David Waters and James Moore
Ilona Moreland
Juan and Stella Murray
Stanislaw Nagiec
Nancy and Christopher Oddleifson
Harold and Ethel Ollin
Sally Orme
David Oswald
Igor Plotkin
Greg Price and Margaret Barusch
Deborah and Andrew Rempis
Andree Robert
Gail Roberts
Patricia Romeo-Gilbert
Oliver Rosen
Sharryn Ross and Jon Truslow
Brian and Marie Rothwell
Sara Rubin and David Montanari
Barbara and Gordon Russell
Marsha Salett
Frederica See
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Silvestri
Jacob Smigiel and Jenna Larson
Lauren Smith
Nancy Smith
Marybeth Smith
Joseph Snodgrass and Sally Naish
Naomi Sobel
Christine Solinsky
Maura and David Spellman
Kathy Spiegelman and Robert Zverina
Richard and Laura Stowe
Marilu Swett Spector and Carl Spector
Brendan and Kerry Swords
Anne and Bruce Tribush
Karen Tucker and Dr. Jerry Avorn
Jackie and David Waller
Susan Walter
Eve Ward and Stacey Schmidt
Debra Williams
Peter Wilson
Ryan and Taylor Wittig
Susan Wolff
Two Anonymous Donors

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