Join us at LifeSavor on May 10, 2023!

Boston's Best "Party with a Conscience" celebrates its 31st year!

On June 8, 2022, we came together to celebrate Community Servings at the MFA.  We came together to raise funds for our medically tailored meals and give a round of applause to our culinary and delivery teams.  Proudly we never closed our kitchen for a single day during COVID, this team embraced the record demand for meals we experienced and continue to see today.

We are serving more than DOUBLE the number of weekly clients than we were in March 2020. For context, it took us 28 years to provide meals for a thousand clients a day. It took us just TWO under the weight of a pandemic to reach 2,300 a day.

Currently we are on track to do more than a MILLION meals this year because the need is so great – that is over 3,800 a day.

Thank you to those that joined us!  Check back here to learn more about LifeSavor 2023.

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