Who We Serve

Thousands of people across Massachusetts and Rhode Island experiencing a range of critical and chronic illnesses.

Meals That Make A Difference

We offer 16 medical diets designed to help people improve their health through nutritionally-appropriate food scratch-made from wholesome ingredients. Annually, we make and home-deliver over a million meals to thousands of families impacted by a critical or chronic illness.

Our Registered Dietitians customize individual meal plans, which can include a combination of up to three medical diet types.

Eligibility is based on:

  • Extent of illness
  • Mobility challenges
  • Factors that make it difficult for the client to shop and cook, like living in a food desert, being in a wheelchair, or not being able to carry groceries.


To determine eligibility, individuals must submit a completed intake packet, including a medical certification form completed by their doctor or nurse. Once paperwork has been submitted, we may contact the individual, their doctor, nurse, or case worker directly for further clarification in order to make the best eligibility assessment.

Our goal is to be there for our clients when they need us the most. Clients can receive our meals for as long as needed and may go on and off our service as their medical needs change, much like a prescription. Each year clients must be medically certified in order to remain eligible for our meals.

Client Demographics

One hundred percent of our clients are experiencing one or more critical or chronic illnesses. Many are experiencing poverty and managing multiple illnesses. A significant percentage identify as Black or Latin American. Almost half of the meals we prepare are delivered to families.

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