Community Servings Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Community Servings' CEO David Waters, and Joan Parker
the 4 millionth free meal for the critically ill.

Community Servings marked its 20th Anniversary on February 9, 2010 with the packaging of its 4 millionth free meal to the critically ill in Eastern Massachusetts. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health John Auerbach packaged this historic meal along with Community Servings leadership. In his speech, Mayor Menino remarked "I remember opening Community Servings' first building on Dorchester Avenue. Think of the families and individuals we've helped, think about where they might be without Community Servings who is always there to help people have a better life."

In addition to remarks made by Mayor Menino, John Auerbach, David B. Waters, and Joan Parker, one of Community Servings' clients discussed how the organization's nutritious meals have impacted her own life. She spoke on behalf of all the clients who are dealing with illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney failure, and other life threatening illnesses:
"I am often extremely tired and have a hard time getting up. My body aches. It also takes a toll on me mentally. I often have to depend on my daughters who have to help me with even the smallest tasks. I am dealing with an illness that is managed through medication and nutrition and you have no idea how much the meals from Community Servings help. No matter how I feel on a particular day, I always know that I am going to eat. Thanks to all who support Community Servings. Your meals mean so much to me and all the people you help."

In his closing remarks, CEO David Waters thanked all of Community Servings' supporters, donors, board members and staff:
"Through it all, the community has stood beside us in this heroic mission...everyone coming together to ensure that no one will be alone in their battle with a life-threatening illness. Our greatest asset is the support we've received from the community. I feel blessed to have an incredibly dedicated staff that always goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients get fed. Despite snow storms and national tragedies, we've never missed a delivery day in 20 years! Our board of directors, mentors, and original founders are all inspired leaders that continue to believe that a shared effort can change the community, and a culturally appropriate meal --delivered with love-- can make the difference in an individual's battle with a critical illness."

For video footage of the event, click here.