Become a Monthly Meal Maker today and join a dedicated group of donors who make automated monthly gifts to Community Servings through a credit or debit card.  Your sustained support will provide a reliable source of funding that will enable our meals and nutrition programs to serve even more of our sick and hungry neighbors.   

By reducing the number of fundraising mailings we send, you'll also help Community Servings direct even more of your support directly to programs. As a Monthly Meal Maker, you will receive Community Servings' Partner Update two times each year to stay informed of the programs and initiatives your generosity helps to support.

It's easy to get started! Contact Ana Leon, Direct Mail & Database Manager, at 617.522.7777 x234 or or sign up today online!


“When I unpacked my first delivery of meals, I just sat and cried. I was so moved by this much care, generosity & kindness.” 
- Community Servings Client


Our Monthly Meal Makers

Our Monthly Meal Makers generously commit to providing a monthly gift to Community Servings.
Community Servings is deeply grateful to these individuals and families for their dedication and inspiration.

Anonymous (5)
Pattie Berger
Jerry Bernhard
Arlene Bernstein
Ilene Bezahler
Amy Bisson
Susan Bollinger
Paula Brody
John and Rachel Burckardt
Patricia Caldwell and Richard Connolly
Stefanie Callaghan
Lyn Camire
Barbara and Carlos Cevallos
Sally Cheek and Linda Lesyna
Julian Chu
Francis Cogliano
Catherine Collier and Matthew Schreiber
Liza Connelly and Paul Toomey
Maureen Conroy
Denise Consolo
Carol Cosenza
Lee Doron
Barb Dougan
Paul Durda
Joseph Dyer
Norman Edgerton
Robert Ellington
Sonja Enstad
John Ferguson
Elizabeth Fried
Liora Gates
David Glowka
Alise Gobron
Susan Goldhor & Aron Bernstein
In memory of Robert Gosnell
Christine Graham and Claudio Oliveira
Philip Griffiths
James Haber
Frances Harris
Jaime Hart
Mary Haskell
Irene Herman
Frank Hill and Cynthia First
Katherine Holleran
Mary U. Hosmer Fanucci
Gavin Hourihan
Beth Hudde
Rosanne Iacono
Lisa Johnson
Kerry Jordan
Jennifer Karnakis
Anne Kaufman and Richard Youngstrom
John Keller
Drs. Anna and Peter Kolchinsky
Charles Krebs
Nancy Kummer
Hebert Labbate
Jeannette Lamberti
Kaija Langley and Lasita Foley
John Lawler
Janet Lawn
Ellen Fulham Lopez
Jeanne Lovy
Karen Martin
James Masek
Wiley McCarthy
Margaret McCauley
Gabrielle McClain
Heidi Merlin
Joyce Rockwell Michaelidis
Mary Miratrix
In memory of Betty Movelle
Bebe Nixon
Tom Nolan
Webster O'Brien
Marcia Oliver
Lucinda O'Neil
Helen Onthank
Valerie Osiecki
Joanne Peckarsky
Michael Pillemer
Greg Price
Charles Rizzotto
Kurt Sebastian
Joshua and Sandra Shapiro
Mitchell Siegel
Mrs. Julie E. Smith
Noelle Sneider
Andrea Stefan
Janet Stokes
Alyse N. Stolting, MD
Paul Sullivan
Hal Tepfer
Carolyn Tobey
Karen Toney
Christopher Trainor
Stephen Truslow
Charles Tuomi
Suzanne Villee
Edward Walsh
David Waters
Sanford Wilder
Charles Woglom
Davide Zaccagnini
Linda and Jerry Zindler