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We have a number of volunteer opportunities coming up and we are looking for your help! If you would like to volunteer, please look at our list of upcomming opportunities below or please contact Alexandra Fioretti at 617-522-7777 Ext. 228 or


LifeSavor Balloon Pop

Be part of a team that thrives in an exciting fast-paced environment! This group encourages guests to purchase and pop a balloon, then receive a prize in exchange for their $50, $100, $150 or $250 contribution to Community Servings. Volunteer will help set up and run the balloon pop.

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LifeSavor Silent Auction

If you are outgoing and can be a salesperson, this is the job for you! Silent Auction volunteers encourage, cajole, and entice attendees to reach deep into their wallets! You'll be in charge of a table displaying up to three auction items. Volunteers stay until the auction is finished, payments are completed and items are packed and loaded.


LifeSavor Special Assistants

Do you love working special events? We are looking for some outgoing individuals to assist us with various jobs throughout the event and to help where there are needs. You might join our Silent Auction or Balloon Pop teams, assist with event flow or help restock supplies.


LifeSavor Coat Check

Calling all coat-checkers! We need people who can multi-task and work quickly for this assignment. If the weather is mild, this shift is not so busy. If it rains, there are many more coats and umbrellas checked.


LifeSavor Trolley Volunteers

This assignment is fun for friends, partners, or colleagues to do together (although you do not need to have a partner to participate). You will assist and direct guests to the trolleys that shuttle them to LifeSavor restaurants, while maintaining contact with the restaurants throughout the evening to ensure the smooth pick-up and return of guests. Volunteers will be provided dinner. Trolley volunteers should be outgoing, conversational, professional and have a cell phone. If you are signing up as a pair, each person must register online.


Drivers for LifeSavor

Chauffeur Community Servings' staff from restaurant to restaurant as LifeSavor guests are having dinner. Knowledge of the city or GPS is a must. The volunteer driver waits outside the restaurants while we rush inside and thank guests for being part of the event. Stops will only be 5-10 minutes. Dinner will also be provided.

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