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  • We take food allergies very seriously. Every time we release a menu, we note which dishes include any top-8 allergens, including milk, eggs, fish, wheat, and soybeans. Community Servings is a nut, pork, and shellfish-free facility, though we are not a “Certified Free From” operation.  We also label each dish with a list of ingredients and allergens.


  • Community Servings is a nut, pork, and shellfish-free facility, though we are not a “Certified Free From” operation.
  • TK Eats cannot accommodate specific dietary requests or make ingredient substitutions.
  • While TK Eats will occasionally offer meals suitable for individuals with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, we cannot prepare gluten-free versions of the dishes provided on our weekly menu.


  • How many portions are in each meal?
    • While individual appetites and eating habits vary, TK Eats designs each dish as a single serving.
  • Does TK Eats offer a subscription?
    • TK Eats is not a meal plan or subscription. Our customers place their orders weekly by midnight on Monday, for pickup on Wednesday or Thursday that week.
  • Does TK Eats deliver?
    • TK Eats is unable to deliver meals. Meals are ordered weekly and available for pickup at our headquarters in Jamaica Plain every Wednesday or Thursday from 9 am – 5 pm. Our address is 179 Amory St, Jamaica Plain. Please note we offer plenty of free parking for easy pickup. 


  • Customers pay for meals when placing their orders. TK Eats accepts most major credit and debit cards and Google Wallet. We cannot take cash for meals or process payments onsite.


  • Where do I go when picking up meals?
    • Customers pick up meals in the lobby of Community Servings. There is plenty of free parking available in our lot located at 179 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain.
  • What do I do if I cannot pick up my meals?
    • If you cannot pick up your meals, you can ask someone else to pick them up. We will donate meals not picked up to a local community fridge, shelter, or someone we know needs a nutritious meal.


  • Our meals are fully cooked to save you time. No actual cooking is required! However, we may ask you to complete a few simple steps, such as adding dressing to a salad or sauce to an entrée.
  • TK Eats prepares everything from scratch, so our meals will last a few days if stored properly in the refrigerator.


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