The majority of our clients face hardships that would otherwise prevent access to nutritious meals. We have clients who have had extremely difficult childhoods, who have college degrees, who have overcome drug addiction, and who are active members within their communities. Critical illnesses do not discriminate, and at any point in time, anyone can receive a diagnosis of a debilitating disease.

It’s important to recognize that a critical illness does not change who our clients are, but it can change how they are able to navigate their lives. Our goals are to help our clients maintain their health and dignity, preserve the integrity of their families, and send the message to those in greatest need that someone cares.

Lisa is a client living with Multiple Sclerosis:

“I was 137 pounds when I was diagnosed at age 35. I now weigh 110 due to muscle wasting. The food is good for me because I went from not eating to having three meals available to me each day. My husband doesn’t know how to cook, so we couldn’t, at the same time, care for my physical needs and do all that is required to prepare nutritious meals.”

Wanda is 83-years-old and has end-stage renal disease, living on dialysis:

Her daughter called to say “your meals have been a life changer for my mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Grady is a client with HIV:

“I receive a diabetic, low vitamin K diet. I need the low vitamin K meals to help prevent future blood clots after a stroke, caused by the impact of my HIV meds. I love to cook and used to cook all of the time. But now I have a hard time standing up for long periods of time and I have back spasms. …The meals help me to manage my nutrition needs and focus on taking care of myself.”


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