Keep weeknight dinners easy with this simple quesadilla recipe the whole family will enjoy! It’s perfect for Meatless Mondays with the ingredients listed. Or, substitute any vegetables you have on hand to customize based on your preferences. 

Making steamed vegetable dumplings is the perfect activity for a cozy night in! The umami flavors from the mushrooms will satisfy meat lovers without the high-fat filling.

Have you tried falafel? This Middle Eastern food is made of smashed chickpeas, herbs, and spices that are formed into small patties and baked or fried. Falafel can be added to a wrap, pitas, salad, or enjoyed as is. The cucumber-yogurt sauce featured in this recipe, called
tzatziki, is a common dipping sauce served with falafel.

This super juicy chicken is perfect for summer cookouts, or any time of year, and is a classic Greek dish that pairs well with any vegetable or whole-grain sides. The pineapple salsa brightens the flavors, and can also be used with any broiled or grilled fish or chicken.

In this easy dish, brown rice is cooked in a flavorful sauce with garlic, salt, a bay leaf and cumin.

The combination of the sweet potato with the crunchy chickpeas and creamy sauce is a healthful, high fiber match made in heaven.

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