Stovetop barbecue chicken

No outdoor grill? No problem. This dish makes easy, quick, and delicious barbecue chicken right on your stove. Although store-bought barbecue sauce is easy to source, nothing compares to homemade. The recipe recommends pounding the chicken to make each piece uniform thickness, which also allows for even and quicker cooking.

Roasted red snapper

Popular in the Liberian and African American communities, this dish pairs flavorful red snapper with a lavish stew of spinach and meats. It’s spicy, very filling, and perfect for a get-together with family and friends. Our recipe makes many healthy adjustments, including bulgur wheat and no-sodium bouillon.

Italian wedding soup

Every bite of this heartwarming soup is full of savory flavor and nourishing veggies. It features meatballs and leafy green vegetables—typically spinach, escarole, or kale. Most leafy greens are high in iron, but the iron content in the meatball boosts the bioavailability of dietary iron. Other nutritional benefits: Spinach is a rich source of vitamins […]

This versatile recipe is a great weeknight dinner that can be thrown together in minutes. Amp up the veggies by adding whatever you have on hand to the mix—onions, cabbage, zucchini. You can also make it more your own by swapping in your favorite spices.

Complemented by a delightful homemade tahini sauce, these burgers are moist, delicious, and bursting with flavor from fresh herbs and plenty of spices. While ground turkey is a healthier alternative to ground beef, be careful not to go too lean with your turkey blend. We find a 94% lean ground turkey blend still contains enough fat to keep your burgers from drying out.

Recipe adapted from Ambitious Kitchen.

These stuffed chicken breasts are packed with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Kalamata olives, known to Greece, have a nice, salty taste to them and are high in healthy fats, which are heart healthy and proven to have cancer-fighting properties.

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