Our recipe for Vegan Waffles and Mushroom Wings is proof that healthy food really can boast flavor and love. We substitute fried chicken with fried mushrooms, which give you umami, chewy consistency, fiber, and succulent flavor.

A diet that’s rich in protein and calcium and includes a few daily servings of antioxidants can support optimal health. That’s especially important if you’re heading into older age. Protein and calcium are vital for bone density and muscle mass, supporting your overall strength and stability. Our berry parfait for two is a great treat […]

This Zucchini-Herb-Potato Egg Basket recipe is a healthful and fun option for breakfast or brunch, and is also an easy way to add in vegetables to start your day. This recipe makes use of hash brown potatoes. Hash browns are potatoes that have been shredded before you buy them at the store. Purchasing hash browns […]

This is an ideal recipe to use whenever there are overripe bananas on the counter or a growing stockpile to use up in the freezer. Moist, hearty, and not overly sweet, these muffins make a perfect complement to a balanced breakfast or snack. 

Fall is a busy time of year for many of us, and busy schedules sometimes make it hard find time to fit in breakfast! Give this easy make-ahead, fall-inspired Pumpkin Overnight Oats recipe a try to save you time in the morning and to keep you satisfied until lunch. Overnight Oats is a versatile recipe, […]

The trouble with traditional pancakes is that they are mostly a combination of refined flour and sugar, giving you a quick burst of energy but leaving you hungry shortly after. Adding a whole grain, like oats, counters this problem because they are full of protein.

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