This recipe has a great, robust flavor and is a meal in itself. Make it using the vegetables the recipe calls for or make it your own and use ingredients that you already have in your kitchen!

Davio’s Signature Hand-Rolled Potato Gnocchi is a Boston classic! Toss it with your favorite sauce or a little butter and cheese for a delicious lunch or dinner the whole family will love!

Chef Michelle White says, “This recipe is what I like to call ‘Soul Food Sunday Dinner worthy’ because it feels like something special to cook when you have a little extra time to plan, though it’s a delicious slice of heaven you can have any day of the week!”

Take your red sauce to a whole new level of deliciousness and healthfulness by piling in those veggies. Cook them low and slow, and you will be blown away by the depth of flavor you can achieve!

Bump up your veggie intake with RDN Jessica Burch’s delicious Turkey Meatball recipe!

For those planning to bake their pies this Thanksgiving, we recommend this classic take on Pumpkin Pie cooked-up by the talented team at Whole Foods Market!

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