Have you ever dreamt of taking a summer vacation to the South of France? Transport yourself to the Cote d’Azur coast through food with Tian Provencal, a traditional French dish which features thinly sliced vegetables arranged in concentric circles.

Beets are a wonderful way to add some color to your diet! They come in a variety of colors ranging from deep purple to golden to candy striped.

These meatballs have a secret—they’re half veggie, half turkey. The grated zucchini gives the turkey a lot of moisture, and the meatballs hold together without eggs.

Quick Chana Masala makes for a great meal prep recipe. Prepare ahead of time and enjoy throughout the week!

Roasted tomatoes can be the base or a sauce for many different summertime dishes.

Complemented by a delightful homemade tahini sauce, these burgers are moist, delicious, and bursting with flavor from fresh herbs and plenty of spices. While ground turkey is a healthier alternative to ground beef, be careful not to go too lean with your turkey blend. We find a 94% lean ground turkey blend still contains enough fat to keep your burgers from drying out.

Recipe adapted from Ambitious Kitchen.

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