Our recipe for Vegan Waffles and Mushroom Wings is proof that healthy food really can boast flavor and love. We substitute fried chicken with fried mushrooms, which give you umami, chewy consistency, fiber, and succulent flavor.

Summery, lite, and dashed with an amazing spice blend, this dish of branzino and mixed-herb salad is a delicious summer-season centerpiece.

West African jollof rice

This recipe is a vegan remix of jollof rice, a traditional West African dish. It’s a one-pot-shot: Combine everything in a single cast-iron pan, prepare, enjoy, and look forward to minimal dirty dishes afterward.

Roasted red snapper

Popular in the Liberian and African American communities, this dish pairs flavorful red snapper with a lavish stew of spinach and meats. It’s spicy, very filling, and perfect for a get-together with family and friends. Our recipe makes many healthy adjustments, including bulgur wheat and no-sodium bouillon.

This homemade Zucchini Fritters Recipe makes a wonderful starter or side dish, and they’re a delicious way to use up your summer zucchini. You can pair these fritters with a Greek salad, or as a side dish to any Mediterranean style fish, chicken or lamb dish.

For the cakes, we’re using canned pink salmon — a great item to keep in your pantry! (When shopping for canned fish, we like to recommend the lowest-sodium option you can find at your local grocery store.) After quickly mixing the salmon with spices and mayo, you can sauté it as tasty fish cakes. The […]

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